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Due to the walk-in nature of our facility, our hours of operation are subject to change without notice depending on volume and doctor schedules. We recommend coming in well before any scheduled closing time to ensure that your pet is able to be seen. Medical cases are generally accepted until one hour before the published walk in hours ending time.

Our HEAVIEST TRAFFIC tends to be first thing in the morning when we open our doors until about 10 AM. It is important to remember that cutoff times will change based on our caseload and doctor schedules when planning your visit. If we cut off early, we will generally update the hours below, our voicemail, and/or our Facebook page. However, during our colder months we will likely be closed by 4:00pm. Our wait times can vary, but are likelier to be at least 2 hours or more during the summer months. MONDAYS and FRIDAYS are our busiest days. We no longer have a doctor in the building on Thursdays. 

Note: We pause all walk-ins at 11am on single doctor days. We close for lunch from 12:30-1:00pm daily and will reopen taking in more pets at 1pm. 


We do not take appointments, and continue to see patients only on a walk-in basis.

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